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When it comes to health and wellness, Sonya LeClair embraces a philosophy that is both simple and profound—let what you value as part of a rich and meaningful life be at the center of your goals, and then ask yourself what your body and mind need to be capable of in order to make that possible.

Being able to explore and delight in nature, especially the beauty of this region, is what Sonya holds dear. And those values play a big part in why she’s devoted to working with others to boost their health to enable them to hit the nature trails and enjoy life off the sidelines.

The name of Sonya’s business as a certified health coach, The Reluctant Enthusiast, is inspired by a quote from author and environmentalist Edward Abbey. It reflects her philosophy of wellness that puts less emphasis on looks and more on supporting your body’s ability to do what it is meant to do by taking a sensible and nonjudgmental approach to setting goals.

“Though our weight and body composition are relevant to our well-being, we’ve become so preoccupied with how our bodies look that we’ve forgotten what they do,” says Sonya. “And what they do is provide the one and only vessel we have to experience the world around us. We’re fortunate, in the Monadnock Region, to have so many remarkable outdoor spaces to help us get active, reduce stress, connect with others, and savor extraordinary views.”

As a lifestyle coach for the Cheshire Diabetes Prevention Program (CDPP) at Cheshire Medical Center, Sonya helps provide a supportive environment in which participants learn ways to incorporate healthy eating, moderate physical activity, strategies for stress reduction, and coping skills into their daily lives.

As part of the support she provides her CDPP groups, she posts a weekly e-newsletter to participants, recapping their session and the discussions about the successes and challenges of that week. Each post ends with encouragement for the action plan of the week. A recent post ended with words that reflect her down-to-earth approach,

“…Whether it’s putting one of these strategies into action or taking a step back to start tracking some of your triggers so you know where to start-begin wherever you happen to be, in a way that works best for you.”

She strives to live by that wisdom every day. In fact, Sonya signed her business on as a Healthy Monadnock Organizational Champion to remind herself that she deserves the same good care and consideration for wellness that she recommends to her clients.

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