Brought to you by Cheshire Medical Center

The sight of a friendly, four-legged canine friend walking through the halls at Cheshire Medical Center is sure to turn heads. Smiles greet the wagging tail and blue bandana of one of our certified pet therapy dogs, ready to go to work.

And whether it’s providing TLC at the bedside of a patient, greeting visitors with a toothy grin, or providing a little comic relief to the staff, Rose loves to help others by volunteering alongside her human companion, Liz Shaw.

“Although Rose lives on a farm with over 40 sheep, she is a flunk-out sheepdog because she likes people more than she likes sheep-which makes her ideally suited for therapy work.” says Liz, “Therapy dogging and visiting people are her favorite activities. Playing with puppies comes in a close second. She’s so good at it that friends from far and wide bring their puppies to her because she is so kind and patient with them.”

Research has shown that the love and affection that therapy dogs like Rose provide can help reduce stress, make social connections, invite conversation, or give the profound healing of touch. They are all specially trained and registered as pet therapy dogs and our volunteers are selected and screened based on their attentiveness, good health, affection, and sensitivity to people.

Please join us in thanking Rose and her fellow volunteers for the many ways they help us live healthier together.

To learn how you can become a volunteer at Cheshire Medical Center, contact our volunteer office at (603) 354-5499.