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Playing contact sports increases the risk of concussion, but this form of traumatic brain injury can also happen during normal play. Wear helmets whenever you are playing games or sports that carry a risk for concussion.

Call your Pediatrician or visit Cheshire’s Walk-In Care Clinic if you or your child has any of these symptoms after a fall or bump to the head. Symptoms can appear hours or days later.

  • headache that lasts or gets worse  
  • vision problems or light sensitivity  
  • dizziness, balance problems, or trouble walking 
  • confusion and saying things that don’t make sense
  • slow to answer questions or slurred speech 
  • nausea or vomiting
  • not remembering events before or after the injury
  • not feeling well, crankiness or excessive crying
  • trouble sleeping, focusing, or regulating moods

Go to the Emergency Room with severe symptoms:

  • severe headache, that may get worse 
  • seizure
  • unconsciousness, passing out
  • continued vomiting

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