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As the school year comes to an end, parents and caregivers of children stock up on items like sunscreen and bug spray to keep kids safe in the outdoors.  Kids may be spending more time at home after the school year ends, so it’s also a good time to look around the house for potential dangers indoors.

Medication Safety

Now is a good time to clean out the medicine cabinet.  Reduce the risk of kids getting into medicine by getting rid of unused or expired medications.  Local drop boxes are available locally at the following locations:  Keene Police Dept., Cheshire County Sheriff’s Dept., Hinsdale Police Dept., Peterborough Police Dept., and CVS on West Street in Keene.

Medication Safety Tips

  • Put all medicine up and away, out of children’s reach and sight. Make sure that all medicine and vitamins are stored out of reach and out of sight of children.
  • Consider places where kids get into medicine. Kids get into medicine in all sorts of places, like in purses and nightstands.
  • Close your medicine caps tightly after every use. Choose child-resistant caps for medicine bottles, if you’re able to. Remember, child-resistant does not mean childproof.
  • Be alert to visitors’ medicine. Guests in your home may not be thinking about the medicine they brought with them in their belongings.
  • Be alert to medicine in places your child visits.

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Firearm Safety

Many families in the Monadnock Region own firearms.  Project ChildSafe is a program promoting firearm safety and education.  Free Project ChildSafe Safety Kits are available through many local law enforcement offices.  Kits include a cable-style gun lock and safety instructions.  Click here for a list of police department locations where kits are distributed.

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