Brought to you by Cheshire Medical Center
Walking your pooch is a great way
to get outside and get moving.
The canine companionship can
improve your emotional and mental
well-being too.

Most of us know we need to move more to stay healthy. The key to success may be choosing activities that are meaningful to us and spark joy from their context, rather than pushing ourselves to do exercise because we know we should.

Considered part of “intuitive movement,” the concept of choosing activities that align with our values and interests so we enjoy doing them, means there is hope for all of us who are less-than-excited to hit the gym. Here are a few ways to get moving for 20-30 minutes a day by pairing physical activity with what fills your heart:

Frolic with family. From taking your dog on a walk to playing catch with the kids, activity and play with those you love is a win-win.

Catch up on foot. Suggest a walk instead of coffee or drinks with friends and find a bike trail or neighborhood to explore.

Nurture your nest. Don’t forget that any house or yard work done with gusto can count as physical activity, especially if you add a little music to get you moving.

Compete for a cause. There is no shortage of athletic fundraising events to train for in our region. Pick one you care about and both you and your cause will come out stronger for it. Find a group to train with through the event’s web or Facebook page, and you will soon be training with new friends who share your motivation.

NOTE: People with chronic diseases, such as a heart condition, arthritis, diabetes, or high blood pressure should talk to their doctor about what types and amounts of physical activity are appropriate before starting any physical activity routine.