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Register today for this yearlong lifestyle change program that can help cut your risk of type 2 diabetes by more than half. 

You may have prediabetes or be at risk for developing type 2 diabetes if you: 

  • Are overweight 
  • Get little or no physical activity 
  • Have someone in your family that has type 2 diabetes 
  • Had diabetes while pregnant
  • Are over 65

How does the Cheshire Diabetes Prevention Program work?

This program gives you the expert advice and peer support you need to improve your life and avoid developing diabetes. Over the next year, you will be part of a group that meets with a trained Lifestyle Coach. Together you can learn to make lasting changes that are hard to make alone.

The program is a partnership between Cheshire Medical Center and the Keene Family YMCA. There are sessions in both locations.

In the first 16 weekly sessions you can learn to:

  • eat healthily
  • increase physical activity
  • manage stress
  • stay motivated.

Supportive Group Coaching

After that, participants come together monthly with your lifestyle coach. The coach can help you identify and overcome barriers to making sustainable lifestyle changes. For example:

  • they can help you find solutions to problems many people face while trying to improve their health – like how to handle social gatherings, peer pressure, and preparing meals with your family.
  • they will teach you stress reduction and coping skills that can help all areas of your life, so you can take charge of your health and wellbeing.

Sessions begin February 2020 | Registration for this yearlong program is only $99 

 Call (603) 354-6866 to talk with someone about signing up. 

“Lasting changes aren’t easy. Group coaching grows a strong sense of connection within the group. They cheer each other on! Lifestyle change is best when you can share your journey and success with someone else. Group members have developed friendships that helped them to be successful in this journey to better health.”

Jennifer Begley, MS Worksite Wellness Program Manager

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