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About Center for Population Health

At Cheshire Medical Center, the core belief that the health and wellness of every member of our community matters is at the heart of why Cheshire established the Center for Population Health (CPH).

CPH is a department of Cheshire Medical Center focused on health and wellness education, outreach, and support to individuals, families, worksites, schools, and the community. Read about the work of CPH to integrate and support efforts toward health and wellbeing into the daily lives of those residing in the Monadnock Region in TogetherCare Stories.

There are many aspects to achieving health and wellness community wide, but key to these efforts are shared goals and strong partnerships across organizations. Cheshire’s commitment to working together with community partners in the advancement of healthy and resilient living for the populations we serve is embodied in the CPH.

Through CPH, Cheshire Medical Center is working toward eliminating the barriers to good health, developing new opportunities for collaboration with local partners and resources, and supporting the organizational needs of the local Leadership Council for Healthy Monadnock (Council) and the Greater Monadnock Public Health Network, both focused on population health.

Dedicated staff at CPH support the Council, a group of 30+ individuals representing schools, organizations, coalitions, and businesses that oversees the Healthy Monadnock community engagement initiative.  Cheshire’s CPH staff help meet the Council’s operational needs and implement the Healthy Monadnock Organizational Champions program, supporting local schools, businesses, and organizations in their efforts to make the healthy choice the easy choice. Learn more about Healthy Monadnock.

Cheshire Medical Center houses, and through CPH provides staff for, the Greater Monadnock Public Health Network (GMPHN), a community health and safety collaborative which works to enhance and improve public health-related services. The GMPHN is one of 13 public health networks in the state. Learn more about GMPHN.

Understanding the health concerns of the people in the Monadnock Region is our responsibility as your nonprofit medical center, and a key element in developing strategies to address those challenges together with community partner organizations.  This is an ongoing process.  Staff of CPH analyze data from multiple sources, including a bi-annual survey of individuals in the Monadnock Region.  Comparing survey results across years helps CPH staff to understand where programs have been successful, and in what areas we need to work to create more movement. The information shared helps shape future programs and activities to support better health.

Employees of CPH partner with Medical Center colleagues and local, state, and federal organizations to actively support and facilitate programs and initiatives advocating the for principal components of better health and wellbeing:  Family stability, jobs, safety, education, physical activity, and resiliency.