Brought to you by Cheshire Medical Center

For many participants, going into work or school on the Monday after the Bald is Beautiful event prompts both cheers and questions. And often they explain that their newly shaved heads are gestures of solidarity with loved ones who are currently in or have completed cancer care, or as a memorial to someone special.

But that’s not the only reason nearly 100 people participate by shaving their heads, donating their hair, or fundraising. They do it to make a difference in the lives of others in this community by supporting the Patient Relief and Cancer Care Funds.

William Robinson participated this year for the first time. A graduate of Keene High School, he had seen students and staff participate at the school’s Bald is Beautiful event for several years, but had never shaved his head. However, this past April, William’s mother, Felicia, passed away from cancer. In her memory, William raised over $1,300 and shaved his head.

Funds raised by William and other participants support the Patient Relief Fund, which provides financial assistance to local patients receiving care at the Kingsbury Pavilion who have difficulty covering daily living costs like gas, heating fuel, and groceries. It also supports the Cancer Care Fund, which funds equipment and items at the Kingsbury Pavilion, such as television monitors for chemotherapy infusion chairs and blanket warmers.

Recently, a local patient with cancer needed a chest tube while in her final days of hospice care. Her insurance stopped paying for the device required to drain her lungs to make her breathing easier. The Patient Relief Fund helped assure that she had what she needed to stay at home and be comfortable.

Funds raised by the 2017 Bald is Beautiful event totaled $32,000, proving that bald is not only beautiful-it’s generous and caring. We thank all who contribute and hope you will consider joining us for next year’s 10th anniversary event on Saturday, May 5, 2018.